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| What Is A Title Loan?

A car title loan can be a great way to solve short term cash needs by using your title to borrow money rather than your credit score. The amount of a title loan is based your vehicle's value, your individual loan needs, and your ability to repay. At American Auto Title Loan, we work with everyone individually to determine a loan amount and repayment plan that fits their unique situation. When obtaining a loan through us, you can borrow as much as $10,000 in as little as an hour. Our process is simple and easy with minimal paperwork and hassles. Ready to see how much you qualify for? Apply online in less than 60 seconds and get a FREE, NO OBLIGATION TITLE LOAN QUOTE. One of our highly trained loan specialists will contact you immediately to discuss your specific loan needs and guide you through our simple and easy process all the way until your loan is approved and funded. In most cases, you can apply, get approved, and get your cash in as little as 1 hour!
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| What Do I Need To Get A Title Loan?

What Do I Need To Get A Title Loan
Clear Title
Vehicle for Inspection
Photo ID
Insurance and Registration
Income Information
Utility Bill
Have a question about a required item? Missing a piece of information? 

Let us know and we may be able to find an alternative. Often, we can print documents for you in our office or you may have them faxed to us. Contact us today.

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Once your loan has been approved you can have cash in hand in as little as 1 hour! 

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Our highly trained loan specialists will work with you individually to find a repayment plan that meets your needs and fits your budget. Repay your loan in full at anytime with NO PRE-PAYMENT PENALTY.

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Title Loan Blog

By Faithe Andrews 03 Sep, 2015

Did you know that almost 50% of the people who come to us already have a car title loan? That’s right! We specialize in helping folks who already have an existing title loan, a previous loan, or folks who have had a tough stretch and have had their vehicle repossessed. We have multiple options if you currently have a title loan and are looking for companies that buy out existing loans for a variety of different reasons. Let’s take a look and the different scenarios where American Auto Title Loan can help when you already have an existing loan against your car title.

  1. Lower Your Interest Rate – If you currently have a car title loan we can look over your contract on in almost every case get you a lower interest rate. Getting a lower rate means you pay less to borrow money. We have some of the   most competitive rates   in the title loan industry and our cutting edge payment technology allows us to offer title loans and the absolute lowest rates possible. If you currently have a title loan get in touch with us to see how we can lower your rate and save you money immediately!
  2. Lower You Payments – Feel like you keep making payments but your balance never goes down? Along with getting you a lower interest rate, we can reduce your monthly payments. When your interest rate is reduced your payment comes down right along with it. Also, such a reduction means that when you make a payment it actually pays down on your loan instead of the majority of your money going to interest. Out of all the places that buyout existing title loans, we at American Auto Title Loan in South Carolina have the largest and most flexible line of loan products to fit your individual needs. We can take a look at your existing loan and share with you the ways that we can save you money. The best part…there’s no obligation and it’s absolutely free to find out!
  3. Getting A Little Behind On Payments? – Everyone goes through rough patches in their lives. We are a privately owned company owned by real human beings, just like you! We understand this because we have gone through the same tough times at some point in our lives. When you bring your existing title loan to us, we give you a fresh start so that you can put the past behind you and move forward to a better situation. If you are a couple payments past due let us know and we can pay off your existing title loan and allow you to have another 30 days before your 1st payment is due.
  4. Repossession Help – American Auto Title Loan has the ONLY repossession help program in the entire title loan industry. Our   “Fresh Start Program”  gives individuals who have endured the unfortunate experience of a repossession to 1) Get their car back IMMEDIATELY 2) Get a Fresh Start with a current account in good standing 3) Resume making on time payments to avoid any such repossession situation in the future. To find out how you can get your vehicle back immediately visit our Fresh Start Loan Program page today.

Sound like a lot or work? Not at all. Simply give us a call at 1-844-834-LOAN(5626) and we take care of the rest. You won’t even have to speak with your previous loan company one time. We literally handle the entire process for you. Find out what it feels like to be treated like gold when dealing with a car title loan company. We are NOT the shoddy loan company with the bright paint and neon signs! We are a 21st century company focused on providing you with the best possible experience. Thousands of folks have discovered the American Auto Title Loan difference. Now’s your chance to do the same.

Visit us online at


Call us Toll Free at: 1-844-834-LOAN (5626)

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By Faithe Andrews 06 Aug, 2015

Each year Summer break comes to a fast close and the kids are preparing for a new school year. As if getting them back on a normal schedule isn’t stressful enough, the financial strain that comes along with a new school year can be tormenting to a loving parent. With the endless supply list, tuition, fees, lunches, books, clothes, shoes and everything else in between;   it’s stressful! Even though this financial need arises, your other bills and financial responsibilities don’t take a time out for you to get caught up. That’s where   we   come in! I know you think it isn’t, but it is possible to get your kid off to school in a new outfit with a book bag full of necessary supplies, fully confident that your bank account isn’t in the negative.

Our   fast loans are the perfect fit for the busy parent who doesn’t have time to deal with the hassle of finance companies or bank loans. At American Auto Title Loan , our process is super simple and frequently results in a happy customer leaving with cash in hand in 30 minutes or less! Our team of professionals will guide you step by step into a comfortable payment plan that fits   YOUR   budget. With few required documents from you, getting the money you need   FAST   has never been easier. Time and time again we hear “wow, that was simple”, and that’s our goal!

I already know what you’re thinking; “my credit is horrible, I’ll never be approved and they’re probably just like every other loan company”, but you are wrong! We   NEVER   perform a credit check on anyone. That’s right, a no credit check loan is exactly what we provide! It makes no difference to us if you have excellent credit or no credit at all; your vehicle is your credit!!! We believe in giving everyone equal opportunity for obtaining the cash their family needs. Past credit mistakes shouldn’t be a determining factor in someone’s approval; we all make mistakes! That’s what sets us apart from the competitor.   Our   staff genuinely care about your financial well-being.

“So if I decide to apply, what do I need to bring with me?” There are a couple of options for you; apply online or come into the office. Either way, you will be required to come into the office to receive the money, but applying online will familiarize our staff of your situation and save you a couple of minutes when you come into the office.

The necessary documents are:

  • Photo ID
  • Insurance & Registration
  • Current Check Stub
  • Current Utility Bill
  • Clear Title

 We agree that easy, hassle free loans are a rarity, but they aren’t an impossibility with us. We encourage you to give us a chance to prove to you that our word is true.   We   would love to be a solution to you financial needs, whatever they may be. Getting the kids off to school with confidence is essential and we can help you make it happen!

Call us today 844-834-LOAN(5626)                                                                                            

Or visit us   online!

By Faithe Andrews 02 Jul, 2015

Most everyone plans and looks forward to a summer vacation. It’s rewarding to take time away from the everyday cares of life and relax from a winter of hard work. However, summer trips can be very costly if you don’t spend time researching ways to save. Our number one focus here at  American Auto Title Loan  has always been to provide folks with fast cash for any financial need, but we take pride in using that cash for summer vacations! We know how important it is to be financially able to escape reality for a little while because we do it ourselves! To help ensure you can take a vacation and save some cash, we have included some tips that we have found helpful!

When to Go

According to , you’ll save some money overall if you wait to take your summer trip in mid-late August. Most people take their trips in June or July; therefore hotel staffs are trying harder to fill rooms in late summer, resulting in lower rates! Also, gas prices are on the decline right now! Makes much more sense to take off on a road trip while gas is low! We know it’s hard to wait out the fresh summer days to enjoy a trip, but planning a later trip can save you hundreds of dollars.

What to Do

The majority of people have smart phones capable of running a large variety of apps. It makes sense to utilize that capability when taking a trip for your convenience and wallet! Apps like Retail Me Not  and  Grub Hub  will use the GPS signal on your phone to notify you of special restaurant and attraction promotions going on in your area while on the road. Money saving apps are a life-saver to those traveling on a budget!

Money for the Ride

So you’ve decided on a destination, booked a hotel and searched for the local attractions. Your itinerary is booked and the trip is getting close but there’s a problem; your vehicle needs maintenance before you leave. An oil change, new tires and filters are needed before it’s safe to take a trip in. You figured every stop and meal into your budget but vehicle maintenance was unexpected and unplanned. Don’t panic!

American Auto Title Loan  specializes in the unexpected finances of folks in North and South Carolina. We can get the cash you need to get on the road and put some extra in your pocket for other unplanned expenses!! Our low rates and affordable monthly payments take the stress out of getting the cash you need! The process is simple and takes less than 45 mins! There is no credit check and few documents required!

What You Need:

  • Vehicle
  • Lien Free Title
  • Photo ID
  • Insurance & Registration
  • Current Pay Stub
  • Current Utility Bill

We want you to make your summer vacation a priority and save some money while doing it! If you’re short on the cash to get you there,  we  have you covered! Remember, each person who  applies online  with receive a FREE $25 Gift Card!! 

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