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Late Payment Policy
Our professionally trained staff is here to assist you in making payment arrangements should an unexpected emergency arise which prevents you from making your payment on time. Please note that it is very important to contact us before your payment is due to make alternate arrangements.

Non Payment Policy
Our goal is to work with every client to ensure successful repayment of their loan according to the terms of the loan agreement. Our staff is highly trained to work within state and federal laws to establish payment arrangements should you become delinquent on your account. If you fail to repay your loan pursuant to your agreement, your vehicle may be repossessed and sold. Additional charges may apply.

Determination of Interest Rate/Fees/Charges
State and Federal laws require the disclosure of all terms and rates associated with consumer credit. All rate, fee, and cost information will be disclosed to you in writing at one of our licensed offices before you sign any agreement. Please review all information regarding your loan before signing any loan agreement. Rates shall be disclosed as Annual Percentage Rate (APR). You have no obligation to accept the terms offer by our company. Our company does not engage in oral agreements. 

Submitting an Online Inquiry
Submitting your information on this website is for informational purposes only and binds you to no obligation with our company. After submitting your information, a professionally trained loan representative may contact you to discuss you title loan needs.

Credit Checks
There exists a common misconception that a poor credit history may result in a higher interest rate for title loans. At American Auto Title Loan your credit score does not affect the interest rate, fees or charges determined for a title loans.

​State and Federal Laws and Regulations
American Auto Title Loan promotes the informed use of consumer credit by strictly adhering to state and federal regulations regarding disclosures about interest rates, fees, charges, terms, renewals and all information regarding consumer credit. Before you assume any obligation to our company, you will be provided, in writing, with the exact rates, fees, terms and all details of your loan as required by state and federal laws.

Fair Debt Collection Practices
American Auto Title Loan only engages in collection activity that is in absolute compliance with the provisions of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Our collection staff is highly trained in all state and federal laws and carries our daily activities in accordance with such laws and regulations.

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